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The Road to Japan 6: Officially Accepted!

Posted on : 26-05-2009 | By : Jace

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WOOOO!!!!! Pretty cool.. Pretty cool… So yeah, was just chilling when I got a text from Mitch that he received his acceptance!! I was soooo stoked! So i quickly loaded up my email and BAM! It was there! YAY! So I jumped onto my little kansai gaidai blog before i could even take a breath to vent some excitement before i exploded!

So yeah its good to know that its all official.  A light weight has been lifted off my shoulders because hey, this world is a crazy place and anything could happen.  There was always a tiny tiny bit of doubt that something woulda came up and my acceptance woulda been refused and that i woulda looked like the biggest douche xD.  But not this time! It all worked out!

Uh yeah, so this email pretty much asked me to do 2 small trivial things which could have easily been handled in 1 email, but still took me 2 emails and a bit of direction from Mitch to complete.

First thing was to reply with “Admission Acknowledgement” + my Admission ID (Which they supplied in the email) in the subject line.  Then also fill out an “Address Form” and attach that in the reply email… which i didn’t do… i did that in 2 emails… after being told to actually complete the Address Form by Mitch (and the acceptance email), i decided it would be a good idea to complete the address form.  I got there in the end lol

The address form was to pretty much gain an address that Kansai Gaidai can use to send you information/important documents: one of which being the “Certificate of Eligibility”.  This document is used to get the Student Visa, so pretty important i guess…

Yeah so this has really raised my spirits, obviously… however there still isn’t anything I can do to proceed, as i need the Certificate before I can get my visa – which is really the only thing left to do.  Can’t wait!

Ciao for Now!

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Comments (7)

JEALOUS~! I’m still waiting… ah well, the one benefit of it taking so long is that flight prices have come down from what they were when I started looking XD

If you guys both got yours around the same time, maybe they’re going in geographical order? So maybe I’ll be soon?? *hopeful*

Congrats. Can’t wait to see you there.

I wanted to let you know that we here at Lexiophiles [] and think your blog is great and therefore we have included you in our competition to find the best International Exchange and Experience blog for 2009 (also know as IX 09, just to make it easier!) Congratulations! Read all about the competition over on our blog (Lexiophiles!) and make sure you get all your family, friends and readers to vote for you to be in with a chance to win one of our awesome prizes! Any questions, feel free to email me – erin (at)
Thanks, and congratulations again!

I actually covered both the “Admission Acknowledgment” and address verification in 1 email…i think it worked considering i told them to reply once they confirm the email…and they did…

Anyway, Congrats on getting in. Hope to see you there =D

Oh. Also, if you want to switch my blog that you have on the right from my to my official Japan on that might be better. I will be sure to add yours to my jpjournal one.

xD Thanks guys!

Wej – Yeah, my brain tends to not function at given times lol

Looking forward to meeting you all!

I’mma make me a blog. :3 Wanna design it for me, Jace?

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