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The Road to Japan 8: Finale

Posted on : 30-08-2009 | By : Jace

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The road has ended!  And boy was it an adventure.  This episode of the Road to Japan will cover the final leg of my journey:  From the flight to the dorm.

As I sat in the airport this morning with my mum, step father and Amy-chan, things still didn’t really kick in.  I felt just as normal as usual, no excitement, nothing.  In fact, as I sit here in the computer lab in Seminar house 3 i still feel the same.  This is my new life.

The only thing that really stirred up some sort of emotion today was seeing Amy off.  She’s been super strong this entire time, never shed a tear, and was only ever excited for me, and she stayed strong this morning.  She was laughing and kidding around with me as she always does.  So when it came time to go past the 2nd baggage check thingo (passengers only) I said my goodbyes, hugs and kisses and made off for the queue.  Well… the queue was a little long so i joined the end of it and i was pretty much still in plain view of everyone that I just said bye to, so was Mitch.  So we stood there saying: “This is awkward, we just said bye but we’re right here…”.

But then at that moment Amy ran up to me and gave me a big final hug, and for the first time she showed how much it pained her to see me go as i saw the tears streaming down her face.  That hurt.  But she wished me well, gave me her love, and said goodbye.  I already miss her…

Mitch and I hopped on the plane, which was delayed for a bit due to some passengers running a bit behind schedule.  But soon enough, we were in the air – Japan bound! 

The flight was cool, it wasn’t that bad.  I slept most of the way, it was awesome.  But there was a Japanese Husband and Wife sitting across the aisle from us who kept giving us stuff! It was awesome!  Got some chocolate, some bread roll, SOME YEN!!! they gave us money!! … … 161 yen, so like.. $2. each. … …Oh and they gave us vouchers for Maccas! lol awesome.  So mitch gave them a koala keychain thingy, which they liked we think…

Anywayz, upon landing in Japan we awkwardly made our way through customs etc.  The reality of me being in Japan finally setting in – BUT! No real impact emotionally. It was cool when we left the airport and jumped onto the Haruka express train to Tennoji station, because thats when we really started feeling like foreigners.  For example, a realisation was that if we talked in a fast paced English, no one would understand us! Haha!

We eventually got to Tennoji station, and jumped onto another train heading for Kyobashi station.  We were now on the Osaka loop line, which is pretty much just a loop around Osaka as you probably couldve guessed. But this was really cool because the views outside as we zoomed past a dense concrete jungle of high-rise apartments and lights really inspired me.  It was exactly how I imagined it, and dreamed it, except now I could literally hop off the train in touch it.  It was amazing.

Also the other thing that was really cool was the people and how different they all look.  Now i get it! That sound’s stupid, but I never really came into contact with Japanese people that much in Australia, and it’s cool to see the diversity in them – something I could never see back home.

The humidity here is ridiculous – the plus side is that there is Air conditioning everywhere! buuut it sucks outside, can’t wait for it to cool down a bit.

We made our way to Kyobashi, and there we switched trains (and train companies) and headed for Hirakata-shi – Our new home.  As for the train companies: There is one major company called JR (Japanese Rail or something), then there are smaller companies too.  So JR doesn’t service the line from Kyobashi to Hirakata-shi, so we had to hop off, and buy a ticket from the Keihan company to finish the journey.

We did so!  Mitch decided we would take the slowest possible train to get to Hirakata-shi.  Smooth.  but we got there in the end, found a taxi and was wisked away to our seminar house.  The gates at the seminar house close at 11pm SHARP! we got there at 10:54pm! hahaha!

So we checked in and made our way to our apartment. It’s really nice!  There are already a couple guys here at the apartment. 

And so that was the adventure really… This still feels so surreal and it’s really hard to comment on what’s going on because I really don’t know…  All i know is that I’m hungry, there are vending machines downstairs that probably don’t sell food, but i’m gonna go there anyway, then i’m gonna go to sleep.

It’s been a long road, but I made it.  And now a new road opens ahead of me, a lot more complex than the last.  I also have no idea what this new road has in store for me.  I’ll have to take in each day as it comes, and make the most of my time here in Japan.  I know i’m going to enjoy.

Ciao for Now!

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In what seminar house are you staying (1-4)?

hey richard!

I’m staying at seminar house 3 – it rocks here!! A bit more expensive but its really nice 😀

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